I am a values centered candidate and this is an important, very important topic for me. I believe that life begins at conception and am a PRO-LIFE advocate. Period.

I am abhorrently incensed late term abortions, especially abortions conducted up to the moment of birth in NY, VA and now NM. That is cold blooded murder.

I will stop any type of federal funding for abortion or abortion centers.


I am passionate about our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I believe the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution protects individual gun ownership. Gun control laws infringe on the right to self-defense and deny people a sense of safety. Gun control laws DO NOT deter crime, gun ownership deters crime. Gun control laws will NOT prevent criminals from obtaining guns or breaking laws. The best example of this is Chicago—In Chicago gun stores are banned, shooting ranges are banned, assault weapons are banned and high capacity magazines are banned—yet, Chicago LEADS THIS COUNTRY in deaths by illegally acquired guns.


Healthcare can be fixed but it must be done correctly, not just expeditiously. I support fully repealing and removing the ACA “Obamacare” entirely. I support opening the free market world of healthcare insurance across all state lines with no boundaries to allow competition to work. When allowed to happen, this competition based scenario will create tons of new jobs and make providers provide better service and keep costs as low as possible.

Prescription drug prices are SO high because of government over-regulation. Currently, drug manufacturers have only seven years of non-compete from generic brands, which starts when they apply for use of the drug. After seven years generic drug production can begin which severely hurts the original manufacturer and causes them to charge exorbitant prices in the first seven years to make up for future losses. I believe in health care that places medical decisions in the hands of doctors, families, and patients, not in the hands of the Federal Government.


Our income tax system is known as the longest running form of thievery to the American people. I know it is time to fix this system. I believe people in the great state of South Carolina and every other state in the nation would agree with me that hardworking families know best how to spend their own money and that more of it should remain in their own pockets. Lower taxes result in a healthier economy across the board promoting new business starts and entrepreneurship, new and expanded jobs and a much healthier dollar across the globe.

I do not support ANY net new taxes. If a tax is “needed” there must be the removal of equal to or greater than in taxes somewhere else.

I am not running for Congress to make the Washington DC tax and spend system efficient or streamlined; I am running for Congress to end excessive taxation, excessive spending and cut the size of our Federal Government. All Federal programs must be evaluated and excessive/wasteful spending cut. I created a $1.7 TRILLION document set of tax CUTS to the Federal Government (over an 8-10 year period) and did not touch the Military, Medicare or Medicaid programs.


As a Nation, we must continue to look for new and innovative ways to meet the educational needs of our children. I believe the education of our children is best when controlled at the state and local levels. One size does not work for all. The Federal Department of Education, generally speaking, is an enormous money machine and needs to be contained. I support programs that give parents the right to choose what kind of education their child should receive be it public education, charter schools, private schools or even home schools.


I believe our nation should be protected by the most powerful, strong and healthy military in the world. I am committed to voting for a very strong national defense. The best offense can be argued to be the best defense. I believe in continuing our investments in newer technologies for our military and defense systems to include space type programs.

I am firmly against the BRAC, Base Realignment and Closure, as the military is vital to towns and counties across this country. Right here in South Carolina, we proudly have many military bases and institutions where we make soldiers, we make Marines, we fly the F18, F35, F16 and more and where we care for those injured while serving our country. Every branch of the military is represented right here in South Carolina and I will vote to continue that.

I believe in continuing our fight against international terrorism and through the use of new technologies, we can eradicate those threats to the USA, before they come to fruition. I believe in completing the jobs we have started in the Middle East and Asia and bring our troops home only when the job is finished.

While I do not believe we are to be the world’s police force, our strong defense should be a sign of power and that we can react on any given notice anywhere on this planet.

I believe that American military equipment and machines are the best in the world and our Allies want to use that technology. In the same breath, however, this technology and power should not be free and will not be free when I am in Congress.


The United States must phase-out of traditional Social Security and move immediate entrants onto a market-driven program. Employees would be able to create their own private accounts, which would allow for up to 10% payroll deduction from their paycheck to be invested in this account. This account would be theirs..forever, following from job to job.

This system would be built on a sliding scale of entrants now versus those who have been paying for Social Security and are retiring now. This reverse dual scale, would eventually even itself out after the LAST person who retired passes away AND the first person(s) on the new plan start their retirement.

This plan makes social security solvent. Period.


I am vehemently against illegal immigration and amnesty programs.

Immigration is one of the basic principles that made America the “great melting pot”. However, that immigration must be legal and documented. Illegal Immigration is just that—it is illegal.

I support a full wall or barrier along our southern border. Along with this full border physical presence, I support investing in the latest technology including AI as both offensive and defensive measures.

I believe in funding the Border Patrol Agencies in the proper manner and staff at the proper levels. Again, all of this is to protect the sovereignty of this country.

The southern border of the USA is the main entry point for massive amounts of illegal narcotics as well as human trafficking, sex trafficking, and even slavery. A secured border will drastically slow these horrific crimes to all including precious, defenseless children.

The United States has seen an increasing problem with opioid abuse in all corners of this land. The overwhelming majority of illegal drugs come across the very porous border to our south. Fentanyl and Car-Fentanyl are pouring across the border being smuggled from China to Mexico and into the US.